Psychotherapy Services for Older Adults

young/old hands with heart Millham Psychotherapy Group is pleased to offer psychotherapy services to older adults utilizing in-office, tele-therapy and  community-based options. 

Although some older adults eagerly anticipate retirement or new phases in life, many others worry about the physical and psychological impact of aging. Sudden changes in roles, such as retirement, death of loved ones, isolation from family, or sudden medical conditions can result in mood changes, loss of enjoyment and other depressive symptoms.  Older adults may also find it challenging to attend to basic needs of their loved ones in the presence of dementia. 

Susan Millham, LICSW  (In-office or tele-therapy) 

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Susan is the owner of Millham Psychotherapy Group.  She has previously offered specialized psychotherapy to clients with cognitive impairments, as well as their caregivers.  She received her MSW and Certificate in Geriatric and Gerontological Social Work from Binghamton University.  She currently teaches gerontology and social work classes at WVU as an Adjunct Lecturer.  

Susan offers both in-office and tele-therapy services.  Susan utilizes Interpersonal psychotherapy.   IPT can help clients understand their interpersonal picture in which the depressive symptoms began and how these symptoms relate to the current social and personal context. With a  focus on what is happening in the client’s life now, rather than past issues, it helps to improve functioning, particularly in current relationships.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Kristina Hash, PhD, LICSW (In-facility or tele-therapy)

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Dr. Hash is a full-time professor at WVU's School of Social Work.  She received her MSW and graduate gerontology certificate from WVU, and her PhD from VCU.  Her passion in the clinical field falls in gerontology and caregiver issues. She currently facilities the monthly support group at the Morgantown Alzheimer's Association. 

Dr. Hash offers  tele-therapy services for older adults in West Virginia.  She also offers in-facility services to qualified residents of skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living facilities in the greater Morgantown area.  She will work directly with the client and/or their caregiver or facility representatives.  She offers services that are covered by Medicare Part B, with no cost to the client or the facility.   Sessions are held in the facility with no need for transportation.  

For more information please contact [email protected]

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