Depression And Anxiety

Depression commonly manifests physically, through stomach pains, headaches, disrupted or excessive sleep, and motor control difficulty. While the causes of depression are unknown, a predisposition for it runs in families and it can be triggered by trauma and adverse life circumstances. Depression is diagnosed more frequently in women and tends to display differently in women than in men.

Depression is characterized by prolonged emotional symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • Apathy
  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Exhaustion
  • Irritability

Every case is unique and requires individual attention and there are a number of effective complementary ways of treating depression.  The two modalities that I presently use for depression and anxiety are IFS and IPT.

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) model assists clients to identify and address multiple sub-personalities or families within their mental system. These sub-personalities consist of wounded parts and parts that try to control and protect the person from the pain of the wounded parts. The sub-personalities are often in conflict with each other and with one’s core Self.  IFS focuses on healing the wounded parts and restoring mental balance and harmony by changing the dynamics that create discord among the sub-personalities and the Self.
  • IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy) assists clients to understand their interpersonal picture in which the depressive or anxious symptoms began and how these symptoms relate to the current social and personal context. With a focus on what is happening in the client’s life now, rather than past issues, assisting client to improve functioning, particularly in current relationships.

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